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Wheelchair access: Yes. Media Resources Center. I think we can work with people like you to create a good life for all of us. We need to build mutual trust and solve our problems without violence. How about soccer games instead? Kudos for taking a peaceful and decent point. No man, woman, or child could possible own land, or claim it as a homeland for a specific group of people based on tribe, culture, or religion. Land is the source of life. Life is a basic human right as in, you do not have a right to kill me, or remove me from lifegiving resources.

Therefore, the whole idea of private property interdiction from utilization of any land for self-preservation and the idea of national borders runs counter to any notion of basic human rights. With that said, Israelis and Palestinians both have an inalienable right to protect themselves against credible threats. Palestinians notoriosly use carriers who will no arouse suspicion in order to deliver bombs and kill Israelis. What better of such carriers than a European-looking Jewish girl from the United States.

Baym Rebn in Palestina/ Sherele f. DanzaNova

For their own safety, Israelis have learned they must respond with drastic measures in order to prevent such attacks. Many Israelis are particularly resentful and angry towards non-Israeli Jews who take a stance that is sympathetic to Palestinians. They perhaps understandably consider them traitors. As such, especially in a group setting, such individuals are liable to act thuggish mob mentality.

Trump’s State Department no longer calls West Bank ‘occupied’ in annual report

Not that she deserved it — just that people be they Americans, Germans, Sudanese, Columbians, Peruvians, etc in this situation have done worse. Its human nature. We are, as humans, a disgusting breed with a penchant for emotional pain, fear, anger and subsequent revenge on the nearest available target. Lily — you could easily have foreseen the controversy that might arise with your Arabic stickers.

I Imagine that somewhere inside, you wanted to get a rise out of people. To convince Arabs of your love for them as fellow humans? As a conversation piece? Actually my family kept extensive records and traced our immigration to the region around years ago. They used to live peacefully in unison and called themselves Palestinians because that was the region they lived in. I think it is you who is fabricating lies, then throwing out accusations of antisemite to discredit others.

When you say that there is no such thing as Palestine, you are denying a 2, year old title. Do you honestly have brains???

So in conclusion, Zionists are theives since in modern day definitions stealing is defined as taking something that does not belong to you. And honestly, if you guys really were Gods chosen people, would he cause you to lose your land for 2, years, get killed by Hitler, and then shoot innocent peoples laptops??? Maher, People who occupy our land and kill our children and blow up our houses should not be respected. They should be exposed and treated with the contempt they deserve. Zionists are colonizers who have no right to claim an inch of Palestine which exclusively belong to the Palestinian Arabs.

There is no Jewish connection with the land of Palestine no matter how they try to spin their religion. In the 13 century, a rabbai from North Africa visited Jerusalem and he could only find 12 Jews living in the city working as water carriers. People need to learn the facts instead of the Zionist spin which is nothing but lies perpetrated by a huge propaganda machine that has been in operation for over a years. What they do is to brain wash people; Jews and non Jews into believing that Palestine is their promised land. There is no such crap.

The 2 pillars of Zionism which are a people without a land seeking a land without people and the promised land are both phony and were invented to serve Zionism objective which is to bring Jews from their native countries into Palestine at the expense of its native Palestinian Arabs. Zionism is a racist ideology that does not care about even Jews. David: Just wondering, how on Earth could someone who does not hate Arabs be an anti-Semite?

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By definition, Arabs are Semites. David Dutch, you argue that there were never a people called Palestinians and others argue that even the name of Palestine came from a Hebrew word. Prior to , the dream of a country for Jews was only a dream in the minds of the Zionist parties leaded by Theodore Hertzel who first came up with the idea of creating a country for Jews and suggested many places for this country but finally chose Palestine because it would be easier to convince the world of the Jews right to this land.

Before , Muslims, Christians and Jews used to live on the land of Palestine in peace and under the name of Palestinians.

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I can assure you my family line and the tree of my family goes way back in history in this land than yours does. And before saying that there is no people called Palestinians, could you really deny the 4. Dear David, this is just a glimpse of the truth which the whole world is asking us just to forget and let go of and admit the existence of a place called Israel or else the whole world will deny our existence. It is the legitimacy of the existence of such place which I can argue and with an open minded bias person I could definitely convince.

I just wish you are brave enough to come up with a comeback to this response if you read it because I would really love to respond to any reposes against what I just wrote. With all respect and admiration to anyone who contributes to making this a productive conversation not a pointless argument. Some Israelis were just born on this land, live their lives and hope for better.

Many even hate the state, second your opinions, want a better future for everyone…. This is just the sort of language and sentiments that have brought over 60 years of pain and violence to the region. Have you learned nothing from history? It make for good rhetoric though. Only military force decided if Israel deserved to be a country or not. Also it is through military force that Israel continues to be a country. Not all of us agree with the occupation of palestine but Israel state is a 62 years fact, and no good will come from pursuing its destruction instead of construing Palestine aside Israel.

Despite cruel occupation on behalf of Israel, Arabs in general and Palestinians especially can learn a lot from Israelies, agriculture, Medicine etc. Be little more positive, hate has no good outcome. They ruled the area for quite a long time. Isreal has been Israel for sixty years or so, and kicked the crap out of Syria to prove it.

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You are so blindly stuck in the past that you will never let it rest. I wonder how many more Palestinian children will have to die or have their legs blown off or their arms mangled before you see sense. These guys shoot every day at unarmed people, even children. Why so much surprise about a simple laptop?

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  • Oh, I forgot how accurate the Palestinian rockets and suicide bombers are. I think they have only killed Israeli Soldiers. All those rockets being shot over and suicide bombers on buses…and not one single Israeli civilian has been killed. May the arab leaders start to take care of their civilians and population instead of investing so much hard currency in terror, and may peace come upon this tiny country of Israel. What about Israelis killing palestinians?

    You want to tell me that killing innocent children is protecting your citizens?

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    We all know what the zionists do. Killing, evictions, abuse of basic human rights, provocation… How do you want the palestinians to answer that? Kind of reminds me of something similar in our history…. The Nazis!!!!!