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Faustus is very pathetic and the moment when he departure to hell is extremely tragic. Element of Christian Morality in Dr. Faustus has many features of a morality play. The conflict between good and evil, theme of sin, redemption and damnation is shown.

The pageant of the seven deadly sins is also shown in the play. Faustus has element of Christian morality. It takes place in an explicitly Christian cosmos: God sits on high, as the judge of the world and every soul goes either to hell or to heaven.

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There are devils and angels, the devils tempting people into sin and angels urging them to remain true to God. The play gives a very basic Christian message that one should avoid temptation and sin and repent. If one cannot avoid, its conclusion can be interpreted as straying from orthodox Christianity in order to conform to the structure of tragedy. In Christianity, as long as person is alive, there is always the possibility of repentance, so if tragic hero realises his mistake, he may still be saved even at the last moment.

But though Faustus in the final wrenching scene comes to his senses and begs for a chance to repent, it is too late, and he is carried off to hell. These ways, the play has many element of Christian morality. Its base is on Christianity. We can say the play Christian moral tragedy with the reasons given above.

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Robert Ornstein made thorough study of Dr. Faustus the play and biography of Christopher Marlowe and how Marlow presents his atheism or Christianity in the Christian morality play. Robert Ornstein presents his views on these subjects in the essay this way. But though Marlowe superbly portrays his hero on the heights of aspiration and in the depth of despair, he does not trace the path which leads Faustus from one spiritual extreme to the other. He questioned the moral beliefs of Christianity and shows his uniqueness and courage to write this drama.

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We cannot assume that the two are completely unrelated. We can make interpretation of Dr. Faustus by knowing about contemporary opinions about Marlowe and by putting in our mind the ideas attributed to him by contemporary accusers. Marlowe shows Renaissance spirit, ideas in his Dr. His enthusiasm, liberty and trust of knowledge are also representation of contemporary era.


Dr. Faustus: Movement into the Renaissance | First-Year Preceptorial: Forbidden Knowledge

He also, Dr. Faustus also studies as Renaissance martyr. Marlowe, in the last weeks of his life, courted the stake by publicly and repeatedly declaring atheistic and treasonous libels. For though the chorus speaks of the bough that might have grown straight, its metaphor of growth and fulfilment is earthbound and passive.

The heroic choice is not between alternative paths of self-fulfilment but between the self-destructiveness of mighty strivings and the salvation that demands self-abnegation and the denial of heroic aspiration. They hurl the gauntlets of their will and ambition at whatever gods may be.

Ultimately and inevitably he must set his standard against heavens. Marlowe was fascinated by the superhuman and by the very metaphysical speculations which seemed to Bacon barren and futile. Despite a wide- ranging scepticism about religious belief, he hungered for an altitude of thought and experience.

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They do not deify mankind, they would be Gods. Faustus, begin as lovers of the world and end as nihilists. Maledictat Dominus.

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  • However, the use of the curse and the subsequent Latin only goes to show how silly the whole process of ritual is and of course, there is no God that intervenes. Still, Faustus himself remains the closest opportunity to know Christopher Marlowe that the modern world has and viewing the character of Faustus as his mouthpiece lends credence to the idea that Marlowe was, in fact, an atheist and worked hard to integrate these themes into his play.

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