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His removal was seen to be linked to his vocal opposition to the government's demand for a higher dividend. Payments regulator A separate payments regulator has been another friction point with RBI stating its position publicly on why it did not support the move.

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In fact, it went to the extent of releasing its dissent note on a separate regulator on its website. However, the government does not see the whole issue as jousting between both the parties. TOI reports that people in the government said the tension should not be seen through a government versus regulator prism. They argued that the onus of taking the board along rests with the governor. Read more on NBFC. Modi government. Follow us on.

Download et app. Become a member. Mail This Article. My Saved Articles Sign in Sign up. Find this comment offensive? This will alert our moderators to take action Name Reason for reporting: Foul language Slanderous Inciting hatred against a certain community Others. Your Reason has been Reported to the admin. To see your saved stories, click on link hightlighted in bold. All politicians who come in through the backdoor with the help of the umpire pay homage to civilian representation only after a career setback.

Nawaz Sharif in , Fawad Chaudhry today, and many others like them, are very happy with unelected people until the umpire sidelines them. Then all of a sudden they become champions of civilian supremacy.

Deep-sea hydrothermal vents as natural egg-case incubators at the Galapagos Rift

In my view, Ch Fawad Hussain is a big mouth and doesn't think before what he says, and always looking for cheap publicity. He should remember that PM doesn't have to consult with every member of his team before making any decision. Somehow I agree with Fawad and Awan. Both have valid points. I think is good that they are talking about it in the media. This will force them to improve. In Switzerland always four major parties together form a government, two ministers each from three parties and one from the fourth party. Each year one minister becomes the president. If the people do not like government decisions, they can reject government decisions though referendum.

For example government wanted to join EU and people rejected.

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Fawad is an incompetent person. I am ashamed that he represents pakistan as science and technology minister. The comments in this article shows the mentality of people of my country. They think that science and technology is less important.

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I stand by Fawad. He has delivered as a minister and stands no comparison with Firdaus Ashiq. Being a whistleblower is everybody's right. IK's choice of his team and economic policies is particular are backfiring big time. Soon there will be more murmurs from within PTI as they get more and more unpopular and their Zardari-Sharif card reaches its expiry date. In Pakistan while in government your job is to rubber stamp the decisions made some where else and present your face to be slapped and spat upon when those decisions turn out to be disastrous.

Probably now you understand why you were "selected" in election. Skeletons in your cupboard would start making appearances if you do not follow the line. IK needs to haul up the minister's and his team and put them in line. Media is not the place to air differences, specially at this juncture of governance.

Stop causing trouble Fawad. You are all working for the betterment of Pakistan not for your egos, who is elected and who is not. Firdous Awan is excellent. Media creating undue hype. So, what if sometimes PTI leaders are not taking everyone on board on important issues. Everyone to be concern of their own job and task. Ali Sabir, " In India the PM traditionally is in charge of this "less important" portfolio. IK has done more for the country in 10 months than the other 2 parties in 10 years. He is cleaning out the mess and then things will get better. It is how you do your job that matters. Technology is a very important , he should be training youth to work in customs tax and other f etc. Work for Pakistan like Murad, sheikh Rashid, Ayub and you will achieve much.

The problem is that that there are many kings and no followers. They want demise of Imran Khan. They should be out of PTIvelection campaign next time which is going to happen soon. This is not appreciable thing to wash your dirty linen in public. I have cogent doubt that the system will work. Fawad Ch. Science and technology ministry is more important than Information ministry. You have lot of things to accomplish to make a name in PTI government.

You still can do wonders in your ministry. Sit with your IT team and start working rather than just raising issues which eventually will harm you. IK just signs the orders and the orders come from elsewhere Ironic response by Firdous Awan If this is not a one man show, what is? Non elected appointed to the government are not accountable to the people as they were not elected - by definition and they are considered stakeholders?

How much more of this nonsense need to be spewed by Mr Awan? Please Fawad Sahib stop giving such interviews and focus on your work. Actions speak louder than words.

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PM IK is a great leader he is doing his best for the sake of this country. When elected members are incapable to deliver, IK has to get people who can do the job. We've seen the disaster in first 10 months by "elected members", haven't we? Everyone knows FC's management capacity is far better than Ms Awan. It's good he spoke his mind. Ms Awan, remember people are watching and they will speak when time comes.

It's true that one of the 22 years IK's buddy is making to much interference and trying to poke nose in every issue. IK must give all these non elected and non professionals a shut call. Otherwise, demise is not very far. People still want to see IK successful but time is running out fast.

Geologists publish new details about evolution of East African Rift Valley

So act fast IK and order your house! These are small tiff that can occur in any major organization Related Information. Close Figure Viewer.

‘Team work not interference’

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