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Anime and manga portal Dragon Ball portal s portal. Shueisha : 6. Green, Scott. Retrieved Anime News Network. Dragon Ball Z. Episode June 30, July 14, Dragon Ball Z manga, volume 19, chapter "Free the Future". July 21, Goku's Dream is Super-Huge". January 31, Everyone, Head to the Nameless Star! Dragon Ball Super.

Android 18

February 21, Off to the Kaioshin Realm of Universe 10". July 31, Whose Wish Will Be Granted?! November 27, April 2, The Tournament of Power Begins at Last!! July 2, A Universe Despairs!! July 9, Krillin's True Power!! July 16, Pride Troopers!! July 30, Androids VS Universe 2!! November 26, December 24, Dragon Ball: Yo!

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Dragon Ball GT. December 11, February 5, March 5, The Revival of Cell and Frieza " ". April 23, The Two 17s Unite " ". April 30, Goku's and 18's Combo Attack Explodes " ". June 4, June 25, Faulconer Productions Music. Retrieved February 2, Wilder, Charlotte May 13, USA Today. Dragon Ball Xenoverse. Bandai Namco Entertainment. Supreme Kai of Time: Trunks Your existence is in jeopardy now. The future is just about to change.

Dimps February 24, Android Hey Look It seems there are other people coming after us besides Trunks. Cell: Funny you should ask You might be interested to know that I absorbed 17 and Dimps October 25, Androids 8, 16, 17, and 18 have unlimited energy sources, as do 13, 14, and 15 outside of canon. This means that they can battle for longer periods of time, while still being able to get stronger through training.

These models also have the advantage of being undetectable through ki sense.

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Androids 19 and 20, meanwhile, can only get stronger through an intake of energy. This model is also immune to being sensed, although they can be detected indirectly through the fading ki of the person whose energy they steal. Although their ki can be sensed, the bio-androids have the best of both worlds. Like the unlimited energy androids, Cell can improve through training, but he is also able to get stronger through absorption, which he uses on 17 and 18 in his bid for perfection.

Goku stalemates Cell, although he admits himself that he would have lost the battle had he not forfeited. Android 19 provides Goku with his only other mechanical match-up and, though Goku is the superior fighter, his victory is interrupted by the heart virus. He clearly decided they would be a perfect fit, and snatched them away from their family. The twins rarely talk about their past, and not much else is known about their upbringing, other than that they were born to human parents, and 18 is the older of the two.

In the Android saga, Trunks states that the androids of the present are stronger than those in his timeline. The most common theory, that Gero powered up the androids when he realized Goku was preparing for their arrival, is shot down by the fact that Gero stopped tracking Goku after the Saiyan arc. It is possible that the androids of the future are as strong as the present androids, and they simply hold back in their battles with Trunks and Gohan in search of a challenge 17 even admits he is hiding his true power from Future Gohan.

An alternative idea is that Future Goku, having not trained for the androids, died from the heart virus earlier than he should have done due to his body being weaker. This particular theory explains why Trunks never encountered 19 and 20, who would also have been surplus to requirements.

Red Ribbon Androids

One of the lesser known androids in the franchise is 76, whose only appearance is in the Dragon Ball Fusions video game. He also has the traits of a full android using the Rocket Punch technique as his signature move, which is specific to Android 16 in the series. Initially listed as another evil android, having been created from Dr. He also wears the same thick battle armor worn by Sound familiar?

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Actually, this one is simply a coincidence, with the manga released in and the third Terminator movie coming out 11 years later, but it is one of several similarities the saga shares with the hugely popular film franchise. Trunks plays the Kyle Reese role, sent from the future to warn of a robot apocalypse. Despite being purely mechanical, even the full androids transfer to Other World after their deaths. The game suggests that 16 took up residence in the forest, protecting animals from poachers. Popo, and Korin.

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The android cast is no different. Chuck Huber is no stranger to villains, having voiced Android 17, Garlic Jr. The voice of Dr. Like Future 16, 17 is particularly unkind to poachers, and he takes his job very seriously. He even lives in a house inside the nature park; a house he shares with his zoologist wife, two adopted kids, and a biological child of their own. Although he has never been seen outside of the park in the series, he meets up with his sister every now and then. The poachers are absent in the manga version of the same scene. Identical to the 16 of the present, Future 16 is forced to travel through time and kill Future Gohan, before he, in turn, is killed by 17 and Trunks and the Future Warrior defeat the android pair, restoring the original timeline, but creating several more in which the evil Future 16 is reunited with Future 17 and Arale Norimaki may be a name unfamiliar to some, but she is both the first and strongest android to appear in all of Dragon Ball.

The character is the protagonist of manga series Dr. Slump , also created by Toriyama.

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She is drawn as a short-sighted schoolgirl, though she is far more powerful than any Android saga villain. She had several minor cameos in the Dragon Ball series, mostly appearing on posters and book covers, but made her debut in the Red Ribbon Army saga of the original series. Arale does not attend the tournament, but she does turn up in a recent episode of Dragon Ball Super. He also has two adopted children. After Super 17's defeat, he is once again revived by the Dragon Balls and presumably goes back to aimlessly wandering. Main article: Hell Fighter Created in Hell by Dr. Gero and Dr. Myuu, Hell Fighter 17 is, aside from being a Machine Mutant , an exact copy of Android 17 and is created to locate, control, and eventually fuse with the original 17 in order to create Super Main article: Super 17 The fusion of Android 17 and Hell Fighter 17 is a spectacular success, yielding the large and powerful Super With the power of both 17 and Hell Fighter 17, he is able to fight and defeat all of the Z Fighters, including Goku, albeit turning and killing Dr.

Myuu in the process, until Goku finds his weakness and destroys him for good.