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He was talking about paying clients, but, still, any loss of life was bad publicity and potentially a commercial death knell — especially considering the cost of a ticket to space. All would experience zero-gravity for six minutes and look down on the planet curving away beneath them. But no one wants to lay out that kind of money to die.

Virgin Galactic put out a statement in which it appeared to distance itself from the accident, noting that it was its partner Scaled Composite that was responsible for the flight, and the two pilots were Scaled employees. Previous communiques about successful flights had not made such distinctions.

In the event very few future astronauts pulled out. Nevertheless Virgin, whose new manufacturing arm the Spaceship Company was already building a second spacecraft, suspended ticket sales. Around the airport are dotted a number of giant hangars. In one of these, hundreds of Virgin Galactic and the Space Company personnel and media representatives and future astronauts are gathered to witness the first public viewing of the new aircraft. Among them is Dave Mackay , a bald, short, quietly spoken man in his late 50s.

He always hoped Britain would develop a space programme but by the time he quit the RAF in and joined Virgin Atlantic to fly Boeing s, he had given up on that dream. He had piloted the test flight immediately before the one that crashed in Three of my colleagues in the RAF died. But you adjust to it. We paid our respects to Michael but then continued with the job. On take-off, the mothership releases the spacecraft at 50, feet.

He compares it to putting your foot down in a performance car if the acceleration could go on for over a minute. Inside the hangar we hear speeches from Virgin Galactic bigwigs, trumpeting what a fabulous achievement the new aircraft is. This event in the desert is not the launch of a new aircraft — more testing is required before it leaves the ground. But it could be seen as a relaunch of Virgin Galactic — a chance to announce to the world that everything is fine and back on track. For that reason, perhaps, there is a sense of corporate nervousness in the air.

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Understandably, no one wants to spend too much time reflecting on the accident. The note that everyone strives for is epic, historic and optimistic. There are recorded messages from Stephen Hawking, who hopes to be among the first passengers, and the young human rights campaigner Malala Yousafzai. This is the man the media has come to see: Branson the eternal billionaire rebel; the consummate self-promoting businessman; the man who has jazzed up planes, trains and now, he hopes, spacecraft.

In a hail of flashbulbs, Virgin Galactic is back in business. But what makes people want to travel to space? Branson likes to compare it to the early days of jet travel. That was prohibitively expensive for the vast majority, but just as jet travel has come to the point where many millions now fly, so one day, he says, will space travel. But those early jet passengers had destinations. Branson believes the question requires no answer for half the people in the world because they instinctively understand the desire to go to space. First of all by just having people go to space and look back on this fragile planet we live on.

People have come back transformed and have done fantastic things. I look forward to being changed in a positive way. Put this way, and leaving aside the commercial potential, the journey becomes less spatial than spiritual. There is room on board for six passengers.

Richard Branson: ‘Millions of people would love to become astronauts’ | Science | The Guardian

Branson has long said he will be on the first flight along with family members, several of whom, including his year-old mother, were present in Mojave. But which family members? Like Branson, he found the question of why he wanted to go to space barely worth raising. Why would you not want to do this?

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I am a fan of this author and always enjoy picking up one of her books. I didn't know what to expect from this book, but I was not disappointed. This book was entertaining and student from all her other books I have read to date. I admit it took me a while to catch on and put two and two together, but when I did I loved the entire concept of the book! The plot was just so different from what I have read to d Entertaining and different Earth-Sim is a very entertaining book written by Jade Kerrion. The plot was just so different from what I have read to date with a perfect pace.

There wasn't a dull moment nor did the author ever rush me through the story. I pretty much read the book in one sitting, which clearly shows that this was yet another one of her great books and she has quite a few of those. I enjoyed how she connected earth history with her story line, one I connected the dots that is.

Jem is an extremely likeable character and makes for a great Mai character in the book. I think Kir makes for a great counter in this story and I really enjoyed seeing them grow in this story. The author did an incredible amount of character development and made two interesting characters into two amazing ones. This is definitely a great read and I can only recommend picking it up to my fellow readers.

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Ok, even leaving aside that Jade Kerrion is one of my favorite authors - and ignoring that I was obsessively addicted to Sim City and Sim Earth early computer games for those not old enough - Earth-Sim: Escapades in Planetary Management is a totally freaking fantastic book. Alternate creation myth anyone? The book definitely deserves it. Mar 13, Ann Thomas rated it it was amazing. What a clever idea! The story of Earth's evolution and history is told as Jem and Kir struggle with their university world simulation class.

Set against this are their own struggles, both with each other and in their individual lives. Some innovative explanations for certain world events, and good fun. I really enjoyed it.

I Surrounded Planets with Black Holes and This Happened - Universe Sandbox 2

Loved this book! This was such an imaginative story. I was sorry to see it end and am hoping for a sequel at some point. Mar 17, Cait rated it liked it Shelves: young-adult , books-i-own , reviews. Originally posted at Escape Through the Pages with the same rating. This review is most likely going to be all over the place, because my feelings for the book are all over the place!

But I almost felt like I was reading an excerpt from a much larger book! The story starts fairly abruptly, with Jem settling in to Originally posted at Escape Through the Pages with the same rating. The story starts fairly abruptly, with Jem settling in to her first day of SIM — a university graduate class in which she is one of only two undergraduates.

The other, Kir, becomes her partner for the simulation. The class, as we learn, is to use skills in all fields to create and maintain a functioning planet and society. Only this simulation deals with real people and planets which is very cool and has great potential. Are they creating and maintaining planets just in different galaxies which means the planets and the people could eventually interact with their own galaxy, planets and people or is this a universe within a universe type deal? The characterization and interactions are slow and quiet, but it works.

The actual interactions of Jem and Kir with their sim-planet Earth, of course are so good.

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I really enjoyed reading about the history of the planet from before the dinosaurs to modern day. There are events happen that replicate moments from the Bible, and the religious aspect of the idea of God or Gods, as Jem and Kir seem to be influencing the planet in a very direct sort of way is nicely offset by the scientific aspect of evolution and direct manipulation of the planet from an outside source.

A quicker read, I was interested enough to read it in one sitting. Though a bit indifferent to the characters at the beginning, I was more attached by the conclusion of the story. So while I did basically like the book, I just wish there had been more!

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I feel like there was so much more information and potential story that could have been presented to help flesh out what is there.