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There you Catholics go again, trying to punish us for having sex by insisting on our being responsible for the children. That was a joke. I was. Not explicitly, but the message was there. The reason the Catholics want so many kids is so they can take over the world really! The reason the Catholics are down on contraceptives is because they want to trap everyone into being married and miserable.

The story about the chef reminded me of an article on msn. Once again great post. A friend of mine is in a similar situation. She is the mother raising a child who is now getting older and questioning about his father who he has never met. When a man makes breakfast for a women is it to personal because it may mean there will be some depth in their relationship? But the intimate act they engaged in that could produce a child meant nothing.

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I keep all the children in my heart who were born out of something that was not personal. Yes, he should accept his obligations as a father. But his number one obligation as a father is, as with any father, to love his son.

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Love, in its proper sense, means first and foremost wanting and seeking was is best for the child, whether or not there are any emotional ties involved as with the usual, modern concept of love. What is best for this child? But be sure to send that support check in any event. The world has embraced the relativity of truth. They have eaten the fruit, so now they think that they can create their own reality, their own truth about the human person, including human sexuality.

They believe that they can choose their own truth. If they choose, sex is merely a recreational activity, nothing more than a bit of harmless fun. It is nothing but recreation because they say so. Nevermind that we engage in sexual activity with the exact same organs used in reproduction.

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Nevermind that the final objective of the man is accompanied by a release of pro-creative genetic material, usually into a place where it is frequently met with pro-creative genetic material from the woman. Nevermind that sex requires the use of reproductive organs, and that you cannot have sex with your elbows, although God could have made it possible to have sex with non-procreative body parts if He wanted to. No, no, no. We have eaten the fruit, and have become like gods ourselves, and thus can merely decree that sex has absolutely nothing to do with procreation.

It is nothing but fun, fun, fun. Of course, if sex were not so much fun, that is, if reproduction and perpetuation of the species involved a dull and boring process instead, no one would ever engage in such an absurd activity as rubbing your reproductive organs together, and no one would ever be born, and the human species would die out within a single generation.

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But nevermind that there is a very good and essential reason why sex is so pleasurable, why it MUST be so pleasurable, so as to ensure the continuation of human life on earth. Disastrous indeed. My 20 yods attends an evangelical Christian college. Her mother had an affair with a married man and Dee was the result. Dee knew who her father was, he may have even provided some financial support, but he wanted nothing to do with Dee or her mother.

To think of an entire generation of such young people out there not to mention the tragic absence of an entire generation of aborted babies is staggering. I hope that your co-worker does take responsibilty for his son, but on the other hand if he is only going to do it half heartedly, does another boy need that kind of negative role model in his life? Now, more than ever, boys need to have men that they can look to for help, support, guidance, and a friendly face in times of trouble.

Maybe it he thought he could not be a good parent…maybe he felt it was good for the child to leave well enough alone.

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I hope not…. The situation described is so much worse than that: here we have a man whose son is not even an acquaintance. Great post. My dh never knew his father and an adoptive step-father only stayed in his life for about 5 years. This still affects him today…the way he parents our children, the way he feels about the concept of family, etc. I am certainly not removing any ownice from the men out there, merely suggesting that we examine the root of the problem. We are doing our best to raise our children to be quality people.

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The main point I was trying to make was to focus on was how shocked he was by the situation. Suburbancorrespondent is spot on. Fortunately Church teaching is readily available for anyone who wishes to learn what the Church actually teaches rather than the silly rhetoric kicked around here in the US for the last 30 or 40 years. This is why before being a Christian and before coming back to Catholic Church I really had to thank my Biology teacher for my very reasonable view of sex and reproduction.

This happens because this is the reproductive system, so the organs want to get the girl pregnant as soon as possible. So, keep in mind that, barred absence of the essential organs, in each and every sex act pregnancy is possible and should be faced as a clear possibility. Which meant I would never have sex with someone I did not know reasonably well.

Either the child already has a father, and then OK, stay away in order not to confuse the child, or else a father that is there just sometimes and in those times strives to be the best dad he can be is way better than an absent father. I was amazed by how many of my highly intelligent peers in college blithely assumed that condoms alone are so effective that one need not even consider the possibility of pregnancy or disease transmission.

The stats are available for anyone who bothers to look! Recently I saw on Christian TV some women discussing why they regretted having had abortions earlier in life.

follow I felt really sad for them. I am pro-choice: informed, responsible choice. How funny. My husband was a chef when we met. It actually is amazing how much his ability to cook really impressed me and kept me around even though I was not looking for a relationship. But he made me dinner several times long before he ever made me breakfast.

I really should have a bumper sticker made…. And, again, not Catholics in particular, but society has certainly viewed pregnancy as a punishment for sinning women. A real eye-opener for me was the book The Girls Who Went Away : it is about the experiences of women coerced into surrendering their children for adoption. It covers the time period , not very long ago at all. I had added a statement in the Wikipedia condom article about pregnancy sometimes happening even with perfect use, no slippage, no breakage.

I thought this was obvious. But a couple of people argued with me pretty vehemently about it! I complained to my husband about these unreasonable people on the internet — and he agreed with them! This is the man who was taught in high school sex-ed that condoms fail one out of every six times they are used. I think your coworker experienced much stronger consequences than many men prior to the s invention of DNA paternity testing: he was held at least financially responsible by society, and forced into an at least financial decades-long relationship with the mother.

The spread of more effective birth control methods and the availability of abortion have enabled some women to approach the attitude toward sex some men have had for millennia.

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That women can do this is new, but the attitude itself is very old. The music recalls everything from Botch to the Jesus Lizard, rolling heavy hardcore thunder backed by strange leads and harmonics.