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Pull out your old magazines or old photo albums and let your kids pick a picture that inspires them. Now let them write their own story based on the photo. For kids who aren't ready to write their own story, they can dictate the story to you or simply let them draw their version of the picture. Mother Nature is calling and she wants your family to come outside to play. Try some quiet nature activities that will turn your kids into nature lovers.

From bird watching to treasure hunting, there are so many things you can do to break outside of your four walls and enjoy some time under the big blue sky. A good book can take you to outer space or to another time in history.

The 4-6 Year Olds Must Do List

Pick a book to read together today and then let your kids become a part of that book. They can dress up like characters from the book, act out their favorite scenes or write their own sequel. Make reading fun for kids to encourage a life-long love of the written word. You've got some mad scientists living in your house and your kitchen is the ideal science lab.

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Erupt a volcano, create a rocket balloon or grow sugar crystals. There are plenty of science experiments for kids you can do together without turning your home into a disaster area. How are cars made?

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What's it like behind the scenes of a TV station? How do orders get fulfilled at warehouses? There are many kid-friendly tours that let your children explore and learn at the same time. Many of them are free! Just ask about the minimum age requirements ahead of time to make sure everyone in your family can attend. There's something about playing in the dark that kids absolutely love. Camp out, go on a night walk, or play flashlight games with some simple nighttime activities that are perfect for those evenings when the weather is great outside.

Stay in your jammies today and visit the White House. Take the kids on a virtual field trip and go around the globe without ever packing a bag. Virtual field trips are available online for practically anything you can think of, from visiting the pyramids in Egypt to checking in on newborn animal babies at zoos around the globe.

Build a website with your kids, even if you don't know the first thing about website creation. Their website can cover any topic they want, such as their favorite hobby, sports team or life in your city. They can even start their own blog in minutes. Keep your children's identity safe while teaching them the fundamentals of good website design, writing, and creating a site that is private and just for them or available to the general public.

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Make your own musical instruments with everyday items. Have a jam session and introduce your children to musical enrichment activities. Who knows? You may be hitting the road together soon for your own family concert. Teach kids the fundamentals of running their own business by opening a lemonade stand.

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Everyone can work together to come up with a name, set prices, work on advertising, and decorate the lemonade stand. Be sure to contact your city's business division to make sure you don't need certain permits. Introduce your children to animals by taking them to a farm.

71 Literacy Activities for Preschoolers [Fun Writing and Reading Games for Kids]

Even if you live in a city, there are lots of city farms around the country, and many of them cost peanuts to get into. Find your nearest free farm. DVDs may be easier to get your hands on, but nothing beats the thrill of a trip to the local cinema.

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You can find crabs and barnacles in rock pools, lots of shells and amazing coloured pebbles. Castles are magical places and capture the imagination of most boys and girls, who love crossing moats, running up and down spiral staircases and looking at cannons. Find the best value castles to visit. Try these brilliant free museums in the UK.

https://loatu.cf Most kids love visiting gran and granddad and this time, why not get your son or daughter to ask them what it was like when they were kids. What did they do to pass the time? What were their favourite toys? Did they watch TV? OK, so this means a bit of work on your behalf, but why not write some clues and then hide some treats around your house and garden for your children to find.

Get your fancy shoes on and try and score a strike. There are loads of bowling alleys all round the country and, if your young ones find it a little too tough, they can put bumpers down the gutters to make it easier. Find your nearest bowling alley. You draw the squares on a large sheet of paper and see how easy they find it to draw the local neighbourhood. Not as easy as it sounds. If you have a games console, then something like SingStar is fantastic. Alternatively, karaoke CDs cost very little from music stores. Make sure you sing along to some of the songs as well.

How much do your kids know about their family? Not only is drawing family trees fun, but it also one of our favourite things to do with kids to teach them a bit about history. You may unearth some really interesting stories about your own family that you never knew. Test their skills with a pair of needles? Never done it yourself? Read our guide on how to knit. Get your kids to discover a bit about nature just by visiting your local pond: all you need is a net or plastic carton and a local pond.

Sweep the net or carton firmly through the water and then transfer the creatures using a plastic spoon into a separate carton filled with clean water. All you need are some sticks and a running stream or river with a bridge over it. Just throw your sticks in one side and then rush to the other to see whose comes through first. Definitely one of our favourite things to do with kids. For more info go to the World Pooh Sticks site. The ancient Japanese art of paper-folding easy to do and is one of the cheapest things to do with kids. Person 2: Atch who?

Person 1: Bless you! Person 1: Interrupting pirate. Person 2: Interrup Person 1: Boo. Person 2: Boo who?