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This carrot cake has a super creamy cream cheese frosting and the crunch of toasted walnuts. This really is the best carrot cake and it makes a wonderful Easter dessert. A moist 3-layer cake with toasted walnuts and tons of rich cream cheese frosting. But back to this carrot cake. Vegetable oil in the batter keeps the cake layers wonderfully moist and a full 2 cups of sugar gives the cake lots of sweetness. Because I love tons of frosting on my carrot cake, I decided to make a little extra but I put instructions in the recipe notes for making a larger amount.

You guests will rave about it! Another great carrot cake to try is this Carrot Layer Cake. I also love this Pineapple Carrot Cake for someting a little different. Adapted slightly from this recipe. This recipe looks perfect for yummy cake. This cake looks delicious but I am confused by the note at the end of the recipe. It depends on how much frosting you want to make. If you want to make sure you have enough to frost the whole cake with a thick layer, use the larger ingredient amounts.

Hope you enjoy the cake! Finally, someone who understands that the best thing about carrot cake is the frosting! Carrot cake is one of my favorite cakes ever, and this looks so scrumptious!

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That frosting looks so creamy and I love the triple layers. Ah, there really is nothing like a classic carrot cake sometimes! Your email address will not be published. Recipe Rating. Notify me of new posts by email. Sharing is caring! Mama Dip's Carrot Cake.

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HUGE part of my childhood memories. My sister and I had a party each year in grade school. Going to the bakery was a ritual. The color of the flowers was important too. Even now, that would be the cake I would choose, but family and friends would not think of that cake as special with all the fancy-schmancy options out there, especially in NYC. Cake importance stayed with me. One year, my colleague and his new bride had purchased a standing mirror from Thailand and had a helluva time getting it through US Customs.

All of us sitting by him heard his phone rantings for four months. For his birthday, I got a big cake and mounted a dollhouse-size standing mirror on it. Birthday cakes. These memories from childhood are flashing right before me. I would always have giant ice cream cakes with happy birthday written all over them. I all about the celebrations. I cherish my memories with my ice skating parties and home theatre meaning we would act out plays parties!! So fun! For our kids we have hired giant number cake moulds so we can make cakes in the shape of their age.

I spent my 4th birthday at the Boston Holiday Inn. My mom had just left my brothers and my dad in Maine.

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The first I would see again a couple years later in France. The latter I would not again see for 12 long years. In that barren hotel room, the only thing I remember seeing was a single slice of carrot cake with a candle on top… It was so beautiful!.. It was like eating an object.

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And the taste: warm and nutty, sweet like candy and carroty indeed. I did not know it at the time but this fun hotel adventure was the end of safety. All these years, that memory of my last taste of America held everything I held it up to be: creative, weird, unabashedly warm yet with a capacity for overt artificiality. The first four had a completely different childhood than the second four children where I come in line.

I never gave my birthday much thought when I was younger. I believe my Mom became overwhelmed as a widow and mother of eight children at the age of It makes me happy to do it.

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They both love their birthday cakes. My mother always made highly original cakes based on some theme or another she felt would appeal to each of us. I remember one year she made me a mountain with a train winding its way up the side.

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The birthday candles were in the train and carriages. Winding around the mountain the other way was a road with a Mini driving down it. I kept that toy car for years. Heaven knows how long she spent on these cakes but I think it was a creative outlet for her. She wanted a creative career but was forced into something far more tedious by her father. Life is all about cake and birthdays are no exception. Always had one and still expect one, even if I buy it myself! Cake just makes things better. Growing up my birthday cakes were always homemade until age Then birthday cakes came from the local bakery.

And they always had candles.

My mum always made a cake in the shape of our age number. Apparently it nearly broke her every time she did it and we were young and suitably unappreciative. I have blundered into nightmare cake making scenario, because there is an insistent correlation and when I say correlation I mean myth between love and making.

It took me four hours. I could have tiled my bloody bathroom quicker.


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And had less back ache. Did he love it more than one from the shop? That no effort is too great for my family. And that I need to get out more. I will eat any birthday cake any time any where. My husband prefers apple pie on his birthday. He told the kids he liked pies better because his initials are PI. For a few years, my son saved the decorations on his homemade from a mix confetti cake mini plastic balloons, trucks and would want them added onto the top of the next birthday cake.

When my kids were younger I always made their cake to match their theme. Recently I found a couple of the ponies and the plastic candle holders that went along with them. Why in the world did I save these useless items all this time?