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Will you tell us a bit about your journey? I always liked to daydream and make up stories, and my parents instilled a love of reading in me at an early age. When I was thirteen, I had a set of building blocks for making futuristic cities and populated them with homemade toy aliens, and one day I told myself a whole story about them entirely in my head, and that was when I realized I was a writer. The first time I tried to write something for other people was for the junior-class play in high school, but that went badly awry because some of my collaborators took writing a lot less seriously than I already did.

Will you tell us a bit about Only Superhuman? Only Superhuman is a hard science fiction take on the idea of superheroes—or, if you like, a work of transhumanist SF with a superheroic flavor. My protagonist Emerald Blair, the Green Blaze, embodies multiple facets of mod society. Emerald had her own falling out with her Vanguardian father due to a childhood tragedy, leading to an adolescent career as a superpowered delinquent and some bad choices she came to regret deeply.

But the Vanguardians are back and making a new play for power, and Emerald is sent in to use her family ties to discover their real agenda.

But she learns that it may be the Troubleshooters who have been corrupted. Emerald is torn between loyalties and identities and must try to distinguish the true heroes from those who crave power for their own ends. What do you love most about writing science fiction? I love the ability to create whole new worlds and universes, to explore them and figure out how they work. I like to create futures that are better than the world today, closer to how I wish the world would work, but with enough complications and challenges to keep things interesting.

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I believe we can make the world better, but that it would take a lot of hard work and diligence to keep it from going wrong, and I like to explore that process in my work. I think science fiction can be a powerful tool for inspiring people, offering them a road map for possible futures, and so we need more science fiction that offers positive visions of the future to work toward, rather than just dystopias to avoid. What are some of your favorite novels?

Some of the novels I enjoy the most or have been most influenced by include Arthur C.

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I had other things to do, though, so it didn't progress past a draft or two. This is an awesome little animation. It's near-perfect. I can't think of a single thing plot-wise off the top of my head that could possibly make it better.

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Of course the animations aren't top-notch, but this was from , so I'm cutting it some slack. Actually, though, I ended up really enjoying this animation style. The whole thing is just magnificent. I shake my head at the quality of the animation, but like you said, it was a while ago - in fact 2 months before I started going to animation school! Glad you liked it!

Tropes for this book include:

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Business tools, such as Superhuman, are constantly becoming more powerful. And all else being equal, the market will generally buy the most powerful tools it can. I therefore think that we, as an industry, should agree to the level of information that we track and show in our products. If one of us creates something new, and that innovation becomes popular, then market dynamics will pull us all in that direction.

This is how we ended up with location tracking inside of Superhuman, MixMax, Yesware, Streak, and many others — not to mention nearly every CRM and marketing automation platform. At Superhuman, we aspire to help people experience joy and productivity in their email. The team and I will continue to dedicate ourselves to this.

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In addition, I now recognize that we must deeply consider the overall ecosystem when designing software as fundamental as email. The team and I are committed to this now more than ever. We need to consider not only our customers, but also future users, the people they communicate with, and the Internet at large.

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    We are making these changes: We have stopped logging location information for new email, effective immediately. We are releasing new app versions today that no longer show location information. We are deleting all historical location data from our apps. We are keeping the read status feature, but turning it off by default. Users who want it will have to explicitly turn it on.