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In , Dark Horse Comics issued an adaptation of the Universal film. The Monster is Monster in My Pocket He appears among the good monsters in the comic book , the video game , the animated special , and the animated series. In the comics, he was relatively inarticulate, represented by hyphens between each syllable he spoke, but possessed of simple wisdom and strong morals. This characterization was essentially characterized in the video game, where he was a playable character, and his only line of dialogue in the cut scenes was "Yeah In , Curtis Jobling released a picture book titled Frankenstein's Cat , which focused on Frankenstein's first creation; a cat named Nine due to being made up of nine different cats.

A television adaption aired in on CBBC. The book tells the continuing adventures of Frankenstein's monster, who has since adopted his creator's name and became a hero through the ages. Like his namesake Franken Stein is both a skilled doctor and scientist, actually accomplishing in resurrecting another character into a zombie. But otherwise the rest of Victor Frankentsin's character was mostly tossed aside the character was obsessed with taking things apart, usually with scalpels, and he was also a skilled fighter, especially in hand to hand combat.

Hall with art by Jerry Beck. In Dead Dog's version, the monster sets out to create his own Necropolis. In it, Victor, now calling himself Hans, must create a new body for his first cousin who wants her syphilitic son to remain alive after a vicious beating, and she coerces him to do so under fear of exposing him for who he really is. Half-crazed due to the disease, the newly born monster proceeds to start a Grand Guignol theater in Ingolstadt until Victor puts him down with the help of the first monster he ever created.

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As thanks, Victor begins work on the last attempt he will make at playing God , and begins to build the original creature a mate. In , Eros Comix published Adult Frankenstein , a comic book with Frankenstein X-rated stories featuring also other classic monsters all written by Enrico Teodorani creator of Djustine , with cover by Joe Vigil and interior art by some of the best Italian authors in the erotic comics field. Manga artist Mitsukazu Mihara published a collection of six short stories entitled Beautiful People on October 20, The main story, also titled "Beautiful People", follows a woman who had plastic surgery done hoping to become beautiful and loved, but after she meets a young girl stitched together from corpses, she realizes that girl was the truly beautiful one because of the love that she gave.

The manga series Embalming-The Another Tale of Frankenstein- , published by Shueisha , is based on the idea that Victor Frankenstein actually existed and created an artificial human from bodyparts of dead people and that years after this event, numerous doctors across Europe are using what is left of his notes to try and create their own monsters.

The series also features characters reading Frankenstein; or, The Modern Prometheus. His adaptation was originally published in French in three volumes, and was all collected and translated into English for the Papercutz version. Of all the comic book adaptations, this one is probably the most faithful to the original book. Frankenstein's monster appears in the Konami video game series Castlevania numerous times, with its name being "The Monster" or "The Creature", often as a major boss , but sometimes as a regular enemy.

Rool, assumes the persona of Baron K. A Frankenstein-like monster called Victor von Gerdenheim is a playable character in the fighting game series Darkstalkers , along with many other monsters from popular culture. Frankenstein's monster also appears in the video game adaptation of the film Van Helsing.

He only appears as a non-playable character. The role-playing game Promethean: The Created by White Wolf Publishing , focuses on beings created from human remains and animated by "the Divine Fire" who seek to attain humanity. One of the "Lineages" groupings of said creatures is that of the Frankensteins, who, like their namesake, are crafted from the best parts of multiple corpses and brought to life by lightning.

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The monster himself, going by the name John Verney, appears in some of the book's fiction and illustrations. In , the line of action figures for The Real Ghostbusters featured figures of several Universal Monsters , including Frankenstein's Monster. In , a new green skined Minifigure called Monster resembles the creature.

The video game Fable II contains a quest in which a man named Victor is attempting to reanimate the body of a deceased woman, both homages to the book. Upon completion of the quest, if the player buys the house, it unlocks an area known as "The Shelley Tomb", a reference to the author of the novel. In the Wii game MadWorld , Frankenstein's monster appears as a boss battle at the base of a dungeon, and is simply called "Frank" with bolts in his back, rather than his neck as common stereotypes depict. He is also shown as being regenerative when connected to an electric chair, and his size well exceeds the usually large 7'0" to go as much as 20'0".

In Atlus' popular Persona series, the residents of the "Velvet Room", a supernatural room that is "Between mind and matter", are named after characters from the Frankenstein series, namely Igor, Elizabeth, Margret, Theodore, Marie, Caroline, and Justine. Science fiction author Isaac Asimov coined the term Frankenstein complex for the fear of robots.

Frankensteining is a term used by abusers of crystal methamphetamine to calm themselves by diassembling and reassembling objects. The term is used in that subculture and is recently gaining wider currency: it has been used in an episode of CSI: Miami and has four different definitions in Urban Dictionary , all with the same meaning of assembling parts from diverse sources.

It is especially common when discussing assembling bicycles from parts stripped from others, illegally or otherwise, as can be seen from a Google search of frankensteining bicycles. Frankenstein or Franken- is sometimes used as a prefix to imply artificial monstrosity as in " frankenfood ", a politically charged name for genetically manipulated foodstuffs.

The Franken- prefix can also mean anything assembled haphazardly from originally disparate elements, especially if those parts were previously discarded by others—for example, a car built from parts salvaged from many other cars. For many years Eddie Van Halen played a guitar built in such a manner which he called the " Frankenstrat ". In , General Mills introduced " Franken Berry ", a strawberry-flavored corn cereal whose mascot is a variation of the monster from the movie.

The first incarnation was portrayed by veteran actor David Carradine and the second by Jason Statham.

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George A. Romero 's film Day of the Dead features a scientist conducting experiments on zombies nicknamed "Frankenstein". The hit song China in Your Hand by the British rock band T'Pau employs the story of Frankenstein , and Mary Shelley's writing of it, in its role as a classic cautionary tale. In David Brin 's science fiction novel Kiln People , defective golems that become autonomous are called "frankies". Unlike Shelley's monster, however, his intentions were initially evil until he discovered an inner loneliness, causing him, and eventually his creator, to turn from crime to justice.

Throughout the franchise, Stitch also demonstrates the monster's herculean strength and childlike curiosity. In season 3 of Beast Wars Megatron clones Dinobot , making a Frankenstein's monster out of the clone by transmetallizing him with the Transmetal Driver and adding the half of Rampage's mutant spark he cut out earlier. The result was an extremely mutated Transmetal II minion under the influence of his "half-brother's" evil.

Frankenstein's Monster sic at 6.

The California Medical Association , in a rather humorous gesture, chose Halloween to announce that Dr. Frankenstein is a character in the Korean web-comic manhwa Noblesse. He, like that of the actual character Frankenstein, is a scientist, but the similarities end there. Through his research he has gained immortality and immense power. He now serves the most powerful of all vampires, the Noblesse.

Pop artist Eric Millikin created a large mosaic portrait of Frankenstein's monster out of Halloween candy and spiders as part of his "Totally Sweet" series in The character Professor Franken Stein from Soul Eater is based loosely off Frankenstein's monster but with Frankstein himself in the mix. In Hellsing , Alexander Anderson is based on Frankenstein's monster, given that his name came from a song that has a reference about Frankenstein's monster, his abilities are similar and he is referred to as God's Monster after using the nail of Helena.

This depiction of the monster is a young female homunculus in a wedding gown. The film Ex Machina is a film noir retelling of the Frankenstein story with a 21st century femme fatale android. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article contains embedded lists that may be poorly defined, unverified or indiscriminate. Please help to clean it up to meet Wikipedia's quality standards. Where appropriate, incorporate items into the main body of the article. April Svengali starts to speak — with the whisper of a zombie!

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  • Slowly the door opens and a dim shaft of light penetrates the gloom. A shadow crosses the room — Trilby! A real spine-chiller. As she begins to sing, Svengali's evil power breaks and she can but croak pitifully.


    The Opera shakes with mirth till suddenly the laughter turns to screams as the camera swings to the aristocrats' box and we get a close-up of the glassy-eyed Svengali, hanging dead! One of horror movies' memorable scenes which I am sure i will remember to my dying day. London is saturated by torrential rain followed by sweltering heat; a strange mist appears over the city and an eclipse of the sun is 10 days earlier than pre- dicted; the Sahara is flooded as the Poles melt!

    Crazed beatniks set fire to cars in the streets. This film is a warning —a warning that should not be ignored!

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