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Uh oh! You're not signed up. Close navigation. Related Terms. A negotiated and usually legally enforceable understanding between two or more legally competent parties. Use 'agreement' in a Sentence The team and the player came to an agreement and that made everyone happy because they all got what they wanted out of the deal.

You must sign an agreement when you enter into a deal and not break it or your reputation will be damaged. When David and Jason were starting the company, they first came to an agreement about how much they were investing and how profits would be split up.

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Show More Examples. You Also Might Like Ravinder Kapur. You may have to make inconsequential concessions in this phase to allow the other side to save face. Make sure that the agreement clearly specifies individual follow-up tasks and what the consequences are if the agreement is not honored. Perhaps your negotiating partner will try to avoid these formulations by emphasizing their credibility.

This is a very effective way of manipulating you. If you say no, you risk undermining the entire agreement but if you say yes, you risk giving up the checks and controls you want to build into the agreement.

We need to distance ourselves from this kind of remark. A reassuring answer followed by referring to a higher power such as your boss or your lawyers makes sense in this situation. But I am not the only one in the company and I am required to include our legal department.


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Toggle navigation. Institute Programs Conferences Consulting Contact. Congratulations, you have now reached a satisfactory agreement with your negotiating partner.

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Now it is important to make sure that the agreement is honored. After signing; Trust is good, control is better Make sure that the agreement clearly specifies individual follow-up tasks and what the consequences are if the agreement is not honored.

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Avoiding room for interpretation Unfortunately, it happens quite frequently that agreements are not put in clear, specific terms. Neither one of the negotiating partners knows exactly what they are or not to do. Then you notice that you and your negotiating partner interpret the same outcomes differently, causing tension as one party thinks the other has been insincere all along. You can easily avoid this problem by summarizing the entire negotiation orally and in writing. The best way to avoid any discrepancy is to have the written summary signed promptly after the negotiations conclude.

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  8. List the topics discussed in detail and have this summary initialed or signed by all relevant parties. Consider the group structure and give the paper to the alpha. If the alpha agrees and signs, the other participants will too. Even if you did not explicitly say you would send out a written summary, you can still do it on your own initiative.

    If I do not hear anything to the contrary from you by …, I will assume that you agree with the language used. Put the agreement into writing An agreement is not worth the paper it is written on if it is not implemented. When you formulate the wording of the agreement, you should observe two basic things. Firstly, make sure that you are not required to give any advance input.


    Only when your negotiating partner has honored the agreement will you deliver your part of the work. Do not trust words but actions. Once you are sure that your work is paid for, put the agreement into practice.