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Recently, this gesture of Pope Francis aroused emotions all over the world.

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During the feast day of St. Peter, Pope Francis gave an invaluable relic to the Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople as a sign of fraternity.

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It was a reliquary containing nine fragments of St. Peter's bones that until now has been kept in the pope's private chapel. This symbolic gesture showed the importance of relics. The Eternal City preserves treasures of Christianity, and a new documentary from Rome Reports helps to uncover them. From the incredible relics of the Passion of Jesus to the remains of the apostles Sts. Peter and Paul, Rome has a rich historical legacy. Many people attended, including diplomats, journalists, priests, religious and members of the Roman Curia.

Marshall then goes on to make a connection with the Catholic veneration of the Virgin Mary, and goes on from there:. She was the only person ever created who could speak to God about our Son. Catholic devotion to Mary is not merely based on sound Christological arguments.

Veneration for the Blessed Mother is not just only in the writings of the early Church. Reaching back even further, the Church reveres and invokes the Blessed Mother because it inherited the Jewish custom of showing profound reverence for the spiritual role of the mother in a family. This experience opened up an entirely new way of appreciating Christianity, that is to say Catholic Christianity. I soon learned that Orthodox Jews pray for the dead-as do Catholics. Jews have a special ark in their synagogues to house the Word of God.

Catholics have a special tabernacle in their churches to house the Word of God made flesh in the Eucharist.

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All of the fascinating elements of the Old Testament-the liturgies, the holy days, the vestments, the lamps, the vows, the rituals-all of these were preserved or transformed in the sacramental economy of the Catholic Church. The following year I renounced the ordination that I had received in the Episcopal Church after a considerable amount of prayer, study, and counsel. The Episcopal Church possessed many ancient elements and practices, but I came to see that the Anglican schism of the sixteenth century, and the Protestant Reformation in general, did not reflect the original trajectory of the New Testament.

My wife and I entered into full communion with the Catholic Church on May 23, , along with our four children. I became a Catholic Christian because I realized that the Catholic Church alone could trace her doctrine, liturgy, customs, and morality back to those Jewish beginnings when a rabbi named Jesus roamed the Holy Land with a band of Jewish disciples. As a Catholic Christian, I am linked not only to the early Church, but also to the ancient tradition of the Old Testament.

I can now say with the Apostle Paul who was once Rabbi Saul : I share the faith of Abraham, for he is the father of us all. Talk about a powerful testimony! Looking at his other books, I see that they similarly aim to demonstrate the authenticity of the Catholic faith as the fulness of true Christianity, consistent with not only the Biblical records, but with history and therefore his books are great for those looking to see how an Apostasy is simply untenable, not supported by the Bible nor history, and that the Catholic Church is in continuity not only with the New Testament Church, since it is that Church, but also with ancient Judaism.

I encourage anyone interested in this topic to take a look at his books! Here they are:.

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It would seem that the Church of Jesus Christ would be centered in Jerusalem, the capital of the Jews, since Christ died and rose again in Jerusalem. Catholic theologian Taylor Marshall, Ph. Beginning with the Old Testament prophets, Dr. Marshall explains how the Messiah would come and assume reign over the nations through the Roman Empire. What are the Biblical and theological reasons for the Church being Roman?

Taylor Marshall, Ph.D.

Taylor Marshall explains why the Jewish prophets and apostles expected Christ to vanquish Rome and recast Rome as the Eternal City-the earthly seat for the Vicar of Christ. Filed under Uncategorized Tagged with ancient Christianity , ancient church , Biblical christianity , catholic , Christ's Church , LDS , Mormon , new testament church , primitive church , prophets. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account.

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Get e-book The Eternal City: Rome & the Origins of Catholic Christianity

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(Video) Interview with Dr. Taylor Marshall – On the Origins of Catholicism

Jesus said he came not to abolish that faith but to fulfill it. In this book, we see that fullness down to the smallest details. I treasure this book.