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My personal philosophy is that there are enough people out there telling you every theory under the sun and you will find teachings that resonate with you. I am here to be real with you. I am here to say, yeah twin flames, fantastic, big picture ethereal reunion, shifting planet energy and all that, but right now, your heart feels like it's been ripped through your nose and you don't know how to breath anymore. Or you're living your entire life in the shadow of waiting for them to come back to you. You've convinced yourself you have no strength and power of your own and you are dwindling.

All the theories in the world are fantastic, but let's deal with the real world stuff first, so we aren't incapacitated from life anymore. I will be entirely honest that I think twin flames has become somewhat like a religion, each sect of people holding passionately to their beliefs. I believe the real truth lies somewhere in between it all. I believe most people are expecting a twin flame to be something it won't ever be, and I believe many, many people are trying to give the term twin flame to relationships that are simply unhealthy and toxic so they have some justification for staying in them.

All these things have their reasons and the fact is that as long as you're getting something from a situation or relationship, you'll find a reason to stay in it. I truly believe to the depths of my soul that the only way to get through life, happy, whole and experiencing your magic, is to live authentically in your truth. Whatever you chose to do, doesn't matter near as much as why, and if you are consciously aware of it. When we have awareness, when we have enlightenment, we have power and at the end of the day, that is the thing I wish for all of you, truth over denial, power over limitations.

Below are my own opinions based on my own experience, study, research and talking to hundreds upon hundreds of twin flames. Take what resonates, leave what doesn't. You are here for a reason, I pray you are blessed 1. Shock and Awe The very first thing you'll discover is the deep sense of knowing.

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You'll feel this person in your soul. This happens with all types of soul bonds, but there is a weight that comes with the twin flame meeting that doesn't with the others. This isn't so much, Oh, I know you, as, Oh, I've been looking for you. If you've never really felt that before, you won't have the words to entirely describe the sensation, but it will be a blend of comfort and excitement that is unmatched to anything else and it's this feeling that will bring on a state of awe and euphoria that will last potentially for months. At first everything is very wonderful and beautiful.

You are experiencing awakenings left and right, your chakras are lighting up, you may be having past life flashes, expanded spiritual awareness, possibly even telepathy and other forms of contact that aren't within the physical realm. You are not crazy, this happens to all of us. The sex will be unlike anything you've ever felt because there will be this deep connection of souls. It won't be a mere physical act, you will be bonding and reconnecting on all levels imaginable.

In some cases, the intensity will scare one or both of you right away, or you may both be able to simply stay in the moment and enjoy every sensation.

Attract Your Twin Flame. Love Affirmations While You Sleep. Become a Powerful Magnet for LOVE.

It's a coming home. It's most likely what you've searched for all your life and you feel blessed beyond words that this actually exists, and you've got it. My advice to you in this phase Do not over analyze it, do not fear it, do not hold back. Dive into these sweet blissful waters and swim in the deep end because in my experience, they never come back around again and they are absolutely not to be missed.

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Rough Waters One of the biggests aspects of the twin flame is that it mirrors back to you all the areas you have wounds. Every place that you are not acting in your best interest, and where you need to grow. That is painful. There is no two ways about it. Going through this part of the process, that can start as soon as a few weeks into the relationship, is like walking through fire.

In my personal experience, we had about two months of the honeymoon period where all was right with the world, we were in awe of finally having found one another and we knew there could be no deeper love than what we were feeling at the time. Then the pain started. Fights over stupid things that felt like the world hinged on it. Painful reminders of abandonment, rejection, insecurities and jealousies.

It all started coming out of the woodwork. He also met someone else who, at first, was just a fun distraction since he lived so far away, but later became the perfect place for him to run to. My advice to you in this stage is stay aware, be intentional, be damn honest with yourself and most of all, be prayerful. Without my guides leading me through this field of landmines, I'm not sure how I would have made it. You connect with what you know as god and you hold on for dear life.

You do the work that's being brought to you. All those fears and hurts, pain, and past issues, as they come up, you deal with them, you clear them. That is why you're here, that is your purpose during this phase and no you don't get to say, Yeah this isn't fun anymore, I think I'm done. The universe will not allow it. You are in it, you find a way to get through it. In many ways, this is the most difficult time and you're best to hold on, seek god, and ride it through.

A “Chaser’s” Perspective – Managing the Twin Flame Experience - Wake Up Experience

You can't make choices for your twin, but you do make them for yourself. In the end of my relationship, my twin chose his fears over us, in the end I chose god, myself and a higher purpose over him. Union is not easy. I have to live my life out in my own truth that I am separated from my twin, but that while I was in that relationship, it did everything it was supposed to and that's in large part to how I responded to it and how I navigated it.

You are not a victim to this.

What message did you get?

You have far more power than you know. Find it. Use it.

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The Doormat Hear me out Some twin flame unions can turn abusive and that is never something you should stay in. This is why I say, be aware. Be aware of what is happening. You and this other person may be two halves of the same soul, but that does not give them the right to treat you with anything less than dignity and respect. That being said, do your own inventory of how you're being with your twin.

Has this become all about you and what you want? I would remind you to treat your twin with the same dignity and respect you want to be treated with. You cannot force reunion and furthermore, the mirror does work both ways. Remember that your twin is in pain as well as you at this point. Their stuff is coming up as much as yours is. That's not to say you should bend over backwards to let them be in less pain, it's simply important to acknowledge that you are both going through something very difficult. Too often we get entirely self absorbed and just think that if our twins would give in, everything would be fine.

We put the blame of conflict entirely on them, their fears, their unwillingness to do it our way when what we should be doing is looking inward and upward, loving them in the purest sense of the word, while we love god and ourselves. This relationship is a triangle in the truest sense of the word and we must remember that. The other big point - Being a twin flame to someone does not give you rights to abuse or otherwise victimize a person and we always have the right, the ability, and the responsibility to say, "No, you cannot treat me like this.

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I believe what we are doing in this phase is nothing more than enabling these people, these ones we say we love so dearly, to never grow, to never have their dark night of the soul, to never find their awakening that would lead them back to us in full reunion.